glitChicago: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art opens August 1 at the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art, Chicago.

New Glitch Work by Paul Hertz

Algorithmic Art by Paul Hertz
Blue Noise, Tree Scrolls, Ornithology Suite, Field Studies. Some works were exhibited in a one-person show at What It Is, with an interactive video, in May 2012.

Made in Processing by Paul Hertz, GlitchSort application + manual + some art.

IgnoCodeLib, a Processing library for exporting Bézier geometry to Adobe Illustrator.

Printing Services
Ignotus Editions, digital printing for artists.

"Evidence" by Alma de la Serra
Evidence, a portfolio of 21 photographic prints from Ignotus Editions

Digital Art Collection
Digital art by Paul Hertz, on Flickr.

Migratory Structures
Scientific Imagery and Contemporary Art Practice
Leonardo Education and Art Forum at CAA Chicago 2010.

Digital Art History Databases
An ongoing project Paul hopes to revise and expand soon.

Paul Hertz
Profile at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Syllabus: Prehistories of New Media
Syllabus: Artware
Artist's Statement HTML PDF
Cupcake Online group show at Super Art Moderne Musée, 2013
Algorists 2009 Group show at Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
Works on Paper Tiling patterns, 1976-2007
IgnoTheory An intermedia generative system
Ignotus the Mage Performance and Installation, 2006
Fool's Paradise Virtual World Performance, with Stephen Dembski, 2004
Orai/Kalos Interactive intermedia installation, 2002-05
Deadpan, or the Holy Toast Photographic prints, 1995
Domain, for flute, oboe, two guitars and percusssion. Barcelona, 1983.
Paul Hertz CV (PDF)
Musical and Performance scores.
Paul Hertz Portfolio (the old portfolio, through 2005)

J.T. Pescador

Alma de la Serra
Brief Biography
Evidence 21 photographic prints Linkages Digital collage
Situations Digital photography
Deadpan Collaboration

Darrell Luce