Equipment and Resources

Equipment for the performance is supplied by the artist, and is listed for convenience here. Equipment for the installation varies with the venue. What's listed here is the equipment required for the Structural Elements show in Chicago. All of it was supplied by the artist. Fortunately, the venue had a high ceiling with exposed beams, so hanging the projector was not a problem.


Except for table and chairs, all items supplied by the artist.

  A 36 inch round table, for example  
Three chairs
  For Mage, assistant, and participant  
  For digitizing image of participant  
Laptop computer
  Apple Macintosh Powerbook  
Video camera
  Canon Optura 300 mini-DV  
  Sennheiser MKE 300  
  Firewire, camera to laptop  
  For assistant  
Power supply
  Everything except lights can run on batteries  


Diagram of installation (PDF, 605K), with video projection requirements.

Many items can be supplied by the artist, but obtaining some equipment on site can reduce or eliminate shipping costs.

Computer for installation
  Macintosh tower or fast laptop  
Video projector
  1024 x 768 resolution  
Projection surface and support
  Supplied by artist  
16 Magnetic sensors
  Embedded in projection surface  
16 magnetic "stones"
  Supplied by artist  
Multichannel audio interface
  Supplied by artist  
Audio speakers and stands
  Supplied by venue or artist  
VGA video cable
  Supplied by artist (up to 100 feet)  
Audio cables
  Supplied by artist  
MIDI cables
  Supplied by artist  
Ethernet cables
  Supplied by artist  
Network connection
  Optional, depending on installation