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About the Portfolio

Within these HTML pages you will find documentation of some of the work I have done over the past twenty years, with most of the work falling into the last five years. You will need a browser that can handle Javascript 1.2: Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 4.x. To view some of the pages in the Portfolio, you will need Apple Computer's QuickTime 4 and MacroMedia ShockWave for Director 8. There are also some PDF files that you can view with Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher.

Navigation is reasonably simple. The Table of Contents page, the one with a bloke doffing his hat, links to all the main pages. A click on the bloke's hat will return you to this page, should you want to come back to it. The main pages have navigation bars at the top like so:

Navigation Help Diagram
You can navigate everywhere throughout these pages without using your browser's Back and Forward buttons (they only get confused by multi-frame pages, anyhow). Sometimes a new window is opened for a document--you should close after you view it.

There is also an on-line version of this portfolio:

Known Problems (as of January 6, 2000)

This software has been tested in Netscape and IE on both Mac and PC platforms, and in Netscape on a SGI workstation. It is presented on a hybrid Mac/Win95/ISO 9660 CD-ROM. It has performed well in all cases, with a few small errors detailed below.

As far as I know, SGI workstations and other UNIX boxes cannot show the QuickTime movies and Shockwave files on the CD. I have put all sound files into Quicktime movie format, since it proved impossible to control what plug-in would handle them otherwise. Some flavors of Linux will probably let you view and hear QuickTime.

If you have a slow CD-ROM drive, Quicktime media takes time to load. On some PCs even with fast drives loading is slow, evidently because the browser needs to cache the entire movie before starting to play it. Patience is the only remedy I've found.

In some PC installations, the OS complains that it can't find files on the CD-ROM but opens them anyhow--this seems to be problem with addressing in the OS clashing with a browser's use of the file protocol.

In some PC installations, the QuickTime text track is not visible. This means you can't use the Step Forward buttons in the controller to go to the next cue point in the musical compositions "Ironic March" and "Domain." This would seem to be problem with Quicktime for Windows, possibly dependent on the available font driver.

In the networked version of the portfolio in Netscape 4.6 (and possibly in other browsers), if you interrupt the downloading of a Quicktime movie you will get a broken link when you return to the page where it is embedded. This is a caching problem--clear the cache and you will again be able to view the movie. This problem has not been observed with the CD-ROM version.

There is a problem with navigation in at least some versions of Internet Explorer on the PC platform where Explorer does not pass search strings for URLs on locally mounted volumes. The result of this is that the Table of Contents page will open the Curriculum Vitae page instead of the Texts, Reviews, etc. Fortunately, you can go to all the other pages from the CV page. Also, the Deadpan Index page will not show you the large images when you click a thumbnail, because the image's address was passed in a search string.

There is also a minor glitch with the "Beasties" page in the Portfolio. In its original version the Shockwave file contained an embedded MIDI file in a QuickTime movie. This has proved very difficult to implement as cross-platform media. Instead, I have embedded the QuickTime music in the HTML page, instead, which means there is no synchronization of animation and music, but otherwise things are ok.

Now that you've read all this, please go to the Table of Contents.

Created December 29, 1999
Last Revised February 15, 2001
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