Price List

A 1 to 3 inch border is included, varying with size of the image. A single proof (not necessarily of the same size) is included in the price and must be approved before the final print. There will be a charge for additional proofs. Proofs are kept for reference at Ignotus Editions.

Files should meet the following guidelines:

Artists are urged to preview their work with our color profiles on a calibrated display to help them make decisions about color. I cannot assure accurate color without previewing and proofing.

Paper: Epson Somerset Velvet 255gm (roll)

Size (inches)
8.5 x 11
11 x 17
13 x 19
17 x 22
30 x 40

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gm is also available for image sizes up to 15 x 20 in. (17 x 22 paper) or in 24" roll. Canvas is available at 36 and 44 in. wide. I have a small supply of Epson 24 x 30 in. Somerset Velvet heavy weight sheet paper. Of course, I can print on just about any art paper. If you send me a sample, I can create color profiles for you to assure color accuracy throughout the workflow. Please contact me for pricing.

Lately, I have been printing to Moab Entrada Rag Bright and Moab Entrada Rag Natural papers with excellent results (17 x 22 inch sheets are on hand). I have found Epson's new Hot-Press papers to be really excellent for detail. I also have backlit transparency film and Tyvek outdoor signage banner on hand. The Tyvek can be cut, folded, sewn, and pasted. It's a very interesting material, bright and dimensionally very stable, but its archival quality is somewhat uncertain. I have sample books for Canson, Museo, and Moab digital printing papers, both for photography and fine art, and samples of various Epson papers.

Ignotus Editions prints on fine art papers with a matte finish. We can print on "luster," satin or glossy finished paper that has the quality of resin-coated photography papers, but that requires changing the black ink on the printer. Changing inks results in a loss of ink due to ink flushing, so we only will change ink for special projects or for a sufficiently large order.

We are happy to offer quotes on a per-project basis. Paper can be special ordered for large scale projects or you can supply your own. If you want to supply your own paper you will need color profiles.

Fine Art Reproduction: The Epson printer can produce exquisitely exact color reproductions of flat art, but the reproduction is only as good as the scan. Printer Paul Hertz worked with color reproduction while studying color workflow and can show you samples of what is possible with a high quality scan. Though we have a scanner and professional lighting and camera, the studio is not equipped for optimal quality scanning. There are a number of places in Chicago that do offer scanning services.

File storage and print on demand: Files will be stored at Ignotus Editions for six months after printing, and can be printed again on request. We are planning on offering print on demand services for artists at a future date.