3. Play it again again: Repetition and Variation

Iteration as a fundamental principal of design and of Industrial Age production. Variation and custom production through digital technologies in the Technological Age. Iteration in Minimalist painting and sculpture and contemporary music, in the computer graphics of Vera Molnar and Manfred Mohr. Loops and conditionals in Processing. Combining chance operations with iteration to create variation.

Texts by Vera Molnar and Colette and Charles Bangert from Ruth Leavitt, Artist and Computer.

Iteration/variation piece using geometric transformations.

Color Workflow
We'll visit the SAIC Service Bureau to learn about color workflow. You can check out EyeOne pucks from the Media Center to calibrate your laptop. For more information on color workflow, see this page at Ignotus Editions.

Programming Topics: Arrays and geometric transformations
Arrays provide a way to store and retrieve multiple objects. We can save the points of a polygon into an array, and then modify it when we retrieve it, using geometric transformations. The standard set of geometric transformations:
  • Translation
  • Scaling
  • Reflection
  • Rotation
  • Shear
We'll discuss the mathematics of these transformations in our next class, on symmetry. For now, we'll look at how to use them in Processing.

Arrays code
Processing in Eclipse
From Eclipse back to Processing
Gamma in MacOSX 10.6