5. Time, Motion, and Flows

Historical origins of the calculus and its cultural importance in establishing a science of time, space and flows. Modeling motion and time in Processing. Functions, objects and classes. Basic user interaction in Processing.

At Processing.org, read the tutorial on the PVector class. I've bundled the tutorial code for you here. The description of the PVector class is useful, too. If you're curious, check out the PVector Javadoc for the complete lowdown on PVector.

Work on midterm project.

A full downloadable physics text: Light and Matter
Online Physics tutorial: The Physics Classroom
Out at the University of Tennessee, Astronomy 161 has a brief but useful section on Newtonian physics. The sections on the Old Astronomy and the Development of Modern Astronomy offer some historical background on Newton's physics.

Bonus Round
Check out Daniel Shiffman's version of Craig Reynold's "Boids" algorithms at Autonomous Steering Behaviors. We'll look at some of the code examples in class.