Agree to Disagree
Epson 3000 ink jet print, Somerset Velvet Enhanced, 8.5 x 17, 2005

Like Gravity Swings, Agree to Disagree is a product of algorithmic procedures that developed more or less as follows:

1. Generate an ignosquare (4 x 4 array of ignotiles).
2. Dissolve the boundaries between shapes in the tiles, creating a new geometry with larger "merged" geometric shapes.
3. Classify each ignosquare according to the (merged) geometric figures it contains.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 several hundred times, creating different populations of ignosquares according to the classification procedures in step 3.
5. Create a composition where different areas of the picture plane are assigned different populations of ignosquares.

Agree to Disagree uses two populations. In one of them most or all of the triangles have been merged into diamonds or other shapes. In the other the triangles rarely or never merge to form diamonds.