Compañeros (Cuatro Amigos)
Acrylic on paper, 26.25 x 32, 1982

Compañeros' underlying tiling patterns were generated by four friends who played the "Ignotus Card Game," a game I created to help me generate Latin Squares from the 32 tiles described in the Ignotheory (PDF, 2M) documentation. One of the friends--I think it was Marcelino Chacón, a pastry baker--suggested I needed to "read" the cards, that it wasn't fair just to thank people for doing the work of composing my paintings, I should give something in return. I soon began performing as Ignotus the Mage. When a few people took me too seriously, I decided to make the Mage dysfunctional, only capable of seeing the present. As for the composition in Compañeros, it is a result of applying "boundary-dissolving" rules to the tiling patterns, thus creating larger shapes, and then applying colors based on a classification of the resulting shapes. The colors themselves are a result of optical properties of color presented in Joseph Albers' color theory, and mixes of primaries based on the Fibonacci series, which also informs the geometric proportions of the work.