Iris, Cone Editions. Somerset Velvet, 34 x 34 frame, 1999 detail

In 1999 I produced a suite of Iris prints at master printer Jon Cone's studio in Vermont: Criadero, Prairie, Bop Cartography I and II, Tesón del Agua, Catastro, and Mot's Tomtom. By this time I had written software that chould churn out "ignosquares," as I called the 4 x 4 Latin Squares I had made with my "Ignotus Card Game," in great quantities. The suite of prints was produced by combining many algorithmically produced ignosquares. I was especially interested in emergent properties of large arrays of ignosquares. Criadero and Prairie in particular show how "islands" and "paths" of any arbitrary size or length can be assembled from selected ignosquares.