Epson 3000 ink jet print, Somerset Velvet Enhanced, 13 x 13 (20 x 16), 2005

Crisscross, Lush Life, and No Chaser, a series of three digital prints whose names come from famous jazz compositions by Thelonious Monk and Billy Strayhorn, play with the various ways that the geometries of the ignotiles can be shaped. Shading rules applied to diagonally split squares, "four-color solutions" applied to quadrants of Latin Squares, and coloring rules for merged shapes all work together in a process that results in divisions and colorings that have not been seen in most earlier work (though Bop Cartography might be one example). The divisions play on ideas of syncopation, breaking the grid or "tieing" shapes across the grid, while the colors suggest intervalic relationships that play with consonance and dissonance.