Ink, pochoir on Arches, 33 x 25, 1982

Four different colors (red, green, yellow, blue) are combined with four different grayscale values from light to dark in such a way that the colors and grayscale values form a Greco-Latin square. That is to say, all pairs of (color, value) are unique, and no color or value repeats in any row or column. More specifically, the G-L square is mapped onto the "sphinx" shapes, while the others are determined by "four-color solution" coloring rules. A painting also called Domain, with a similar ruleset for coloring but a different pattern, was used as source material for a musical composition, also called Domain, first performed at Universitat Nova, in Barcelona, in 1982, and subsequently recorded at Taller de Composición Musical, Barcelona, Spain. The painting has been lost, but there is documentation on the music online.