Gravity Swings
Epson 9600 ink jet print, Hahnemuhle, 51 x 49 frame, 2002 detail

Almost entirely algorithmically produced, Gravity Swings was assembled from randomly generated ignosquares (4 x 4 arrays of ignotiles) that were piped to a "boundary-dissolving" operation, and then to a classifying method that sorted the squares according to the number of free triangles in them. Two distinct populations of squares were then arranged as alternating spokes around a hub, with scaling based on the inverse square of their distance from the hub, colored according to rules based on their underlying geometry (manually, in this case), and then passed through algorithms to smooth their corners. After some manual tweaking and filtering in Photoshop (again using hand-crafted procedures rather than canned routines), the resulting file was printed by master printer Allan Mertz on an Epson 9600 inkjet printer.