Jungle Jangle
Epson 3000 ink jet print, Somerset Velvet Enhanced, 3.3 x 16.67, 2006

This composition emphasizes different geometric areas through the use of color. The hot pink/light blue-green shapes form one area of light mid-range values, while the dark blue/brown form an area of dark values. The yellow shapes shift back and forth between areas-- they are light in value, but chromatically similar to the brown shapes, and they fit into the geometry of the dark blue/brown area. The division of shapes was the result of one way of applying a shading rule. The composition was generated by selecting and arranging elements from a large number of algorithmically-produced ignosquares, which are 4 x 4 arrays of ignotiles, the fundamental element in the geometric abstractions created with the generative system described in the document Ignotheory (PDF, 2M).