Emigre Type Foundry: Historia

I have in my hands the most recent specimen book from Emigre Type Foundry and I am delighted. Emigre’s type books become collector’s items, and its not hard to see why–in small format, they extend to the printed document the quirky, fun and righteously well-defined aesthetic that permeates their typeface design.

This current offering, Historia, is something else. It’s not just a “greeked” specimen book, but a photographer Rudy VanderLan‘s journal of battlefield locations in the Mexican-American war of 1846–1848, with a recounting of that history, panoramic photos, and stylized, typeset “labels” for each location.

You can order the next specimen book free from Emigre, or buy a small collection for the modest price of $3. I did not see the current one online, though I expect it’s still available. Just don’t ask to borrow mine ;^}.

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