IgnoCodeLib for Dorkbot

Thanks to everyone who came to Dorkbot this evening. It was a real pleasure to show pictures on paper and talk about the algorithms that produced them. Better than a gallery show, I said when I got home.

I promised I would post a development release of my code, so here it is: IgnoCodeLib. It should be pretty stable, though there are a few rough edges (bounds rectangle caching in BezShape and its subclasses seems shaky). Let me know how things go if you try it. I should have a new release version in a month, properly announced on the Processing forum, posted to Google Code, and available here.

BTW, the examples to try first (the newest ones) are Polygons, EllipsesAndCircles, and DrawMulti. Not all of them are commented yet–but y’all read code, n’est-ce pas?

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