2/10 – 2/15

2/10 Friday 12:30-1

Talked about Paul’s programming project with Jon Cates. Went over requirements for the site and priorities.


2/14 Tuesday 12:30 – 5:30

Setting up membership for Association for Computing Machinery, has a lot of books in it about databases, php, java. The languages and concepts that will be used for the project.

Researching databases. Read about different types of database engines. Don’t know if separate engines will be necessary for the project.

Paul’s previous client for programming came over. I listened in on them discussing the features of the program they wanted. They decided that everything on the contract was finished, so they gladly took the program on their USB and thanked Paul. I asked Paul if I could see the contract for an idea of what a freelance programming contract might look like, and Paul gladly showed me.


2/15 Wednesday 7-11pm took class on database for paul’s web project. Here are some notes:

rows -> records
columns -> fields
values -> values are where records and fields meet
record set ->  queries pull from multiple tables and combine them into a record set.
aka: query set, result, query result.
dms: software that keeps and orders a database
eg: mysql, oracle

mysql: more well suited for web database
oracle: more well suited for cooporate databse

->backing up redundant

->rdbms, relational database management system
-> management that focuses on related tables.

set up as servers or files
mysql, oracle, sqlserver

file database
msacess, sqlight

Database servers

rules for making a database
1. First Form.
->choice of key attributes needs to be unique
->order of records doesn’t matter
->each field must be a unique categorization
->each record/field intersection contains only one value
2. Second Form.
->all non key fields in the table must be dependent on ALL key fields
PART | WAREHOUSE | quantity | warehouse-address
3. Third Form.
->all non key fields are dependent exclusively on the key
wrong: ID | last name | first name | address | city | state | zip

correct: ID | last name | first name | address | zipID(foreign key)
ID | zip | city | state
4. Fourth Form.
->record type should not contain 2 or more independent multivalued facts about an entity.


| Smith    | cook  | French   |
| Smith    | cook  | German   |
| Smith    | cook  | Greek    |
| Smith    | type  | French   |
| Smith    | type  | German   |
| Smith    | type  | Greek    |

| Smith    | cook  |          |
| Smith    | type  |          |
| Smith    |       | French   |
| Smith    |       | German   |
| Smith    |       | Greek    |

Employee     | skill
Smith        | Cook
Smith        | type

Employee     | Language
Smith        | French
Smith        | German
Smith        | Greek

5. Fith Form.
| Smith | Ford    | car     |
| Smith | Ford    | truck   |
| Smith | GM      | car     |
| Smith | GM      | truck   |
| Jones | Ford    | car     |
| Jones | Ford    | truck   |
| Brown | Ford    | car     |
| Brown | GM      | car     |
| Brown | Totota  | car     |
| Brown | Totota  | bus     |

——————-   ———————   ——————-
|——-+———|   |———+———|   |——-+———|
| Smith | Ford    |   | Ford    | car     |   | Smith | car     | Fifth
| Smith | GM      |   | Ford    | truck   |   | Smith | truck   | Normal
| Jones | Ford    |   | GM      | car     |   | Jones | car     | Form
| Brown | Ford    |   | GM      | truck   |   | Jones | truck   |
| Brown | GM      |   | Toyota  | car     |   | Brown | car     |
| Brown | Toyota  |   | Toyota  | bus     |   | Brown | bus     |
——————-   ———————   ——————-

We made a database structure for the project, but I’m not sure Paul would want me to post it here. Will talk about that database with paul tomorrow.

Jack Koo

Hi this is Jack. I’m an intern at Ignotus Editions. This blog will help me keep track of what I’ve done!


Jan 27, Friday 10am-4    | Nozzle Check, Color Calibration, Printer Operations.

First day at Ignotus. My first surprise working with Paul Hertz is how much better color looked on print than on the screen. We set up the printer to clean the nozzles since Paul had been in Spain and we don’t want clogged nozzles. Printers need to be constantly in use to prevent the nozzles from being clogged up by dry paint. After the nozzles were cleaned, we went over basic concepts of Color Workflow. We calibrated the the monitor with colormunki to make sure the prints color looked almost identical to the monitor. Then we went over some basic steps to operating the digital printer. Loading/unloading paper, loading unloading inc, printer settings, printing etc.


Jan 31, Tuesday 10am-3    | Packaging Paper, Image Processing.

We were preparing for the opening of QuadCore exhibition. Learnt about packaging paper for transport. As always, Paul is very delicate with the paper. Each print has paper layered between to prevent friction damage. The paper is then put into a plastic bag to prevent rain damage, and then put into a hard cardboard case. Paul got called that he couldn’t install that day, so we went over Image Processing. Raw photo files had a lot of information that we could pull out and show details in monotone sections of the photo that we can pull out. We also sharpened areas for clearer print, and got rid of camera artifacts.


Feb 1, Wednesday 6pm-9    | Java Syntax, Eclipse Functions, Swing Layouts.

Paul wanted me to learn Java for the collage web application that he’s been planning to make. I’m very familiar with C++ and Processing, which made java a breeze to learn. I learnt about basic syntax, eclipse functions, and swing layouts.


Feb 3, Friday 8:30am-4    | Transporting Paper, Installing Prints.

Preparing more prints and transporting it to the QuadCore exhibition for installation. We printed an extra print to take to the exhibition (You should print daily to ensure nozzle hygiene). At the gallery we measured the space we had and calculated how many prints would fit with reasonable margins. The 36 inch print in the middle almost took three people to set up. Two people needed to hold it, and on person had to snap the magnets to the screws that we inserted into the walls.

Welcome Jack Koo

For the next few months Ignotus Editions is pleased to welcome an intern from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jack Koo. Jack will be learning color workflow and printing, helping Paul Hertz prepare a one-person show due to open in May at What It Is. He’s also dedicating time to web design and programming. I’ve asked him to write occasional posts on his experience at Ignotus Editions, both to document his internship for SAIC, and to inform interested readers about some of the work that is done at Ignotus Editions.