New Portfolio Pages

We are currently adding some new portfolio pages, starting with selections from Paul Hertz’s recent glitch works, Glitch Nation and Datascapes and Noisefields. We’re using some elegant code from Yair Even Or, a jQuery plug-in called Photobox, to provide a zoomable slide show of images. We will add new portfolios of work from Paul Hertz, Alma de la Serra and Darrell Luce, and possibly even from our mentor, J.T. Pescador, as time goes on.

Update: there’s a whole series of new portfolio pages, with a navigation menu: Glitch Nation, GIFs, Datascapes, Ornithology Suite, Field Studies, Tree Scrolls, Blue Noise.

Ponente Acquired by Block Museum

The Mary and Leigh Block Museum, home to a notable collection of digital prints, has acquired a print of Ponente, a recent algorithmic work by Paul Hertz. Ponente is one of the Sampling Patterns series of works exploring blue noise. Ponente is constructed from multiple layers of blue noise in varying scales and densities, altered by low frequency waves and coloring rules.

Algorithmically-generated image, Ponente

Ponente, 2011, archival inkjet print, 18 x 29 in.

Deadpan Acquired by Addison Gallery

In January 2013 the Addison Gallery of American Art acquired the first suite in the new edition of Paul Hertz’s suite of digital prints Deadpan, or, the Holy Toast. Printed at 16.2 x 14 inches on 22 x 17 inch Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper in a limited edition of five portfolios plus two artist’s proof portfolios, this new edition reveals the full detail and complexity of the images. Prints are available individually or as a full portfolio. Please use our contact form for inquiries.

The master printer and Galapagos print

The master printer and Galapagos print