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D'Luz Beasties wall clock

D'Luz Beasties Wall Clock, by Darrell Luce

Clocks and mugs by Darrell Luce are available through the IgnoMarket shop on the CafePress internet market site.


The Evidence portfolio of 21 images by Alma de la Serra, was produced at Ignotus Editions by Paul Hertz. Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch Moab Entrada Bright archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 5, the images in the Evidence portfolio can be viewed in the Evidence Flickr set.

The Evidence portfolio will include a portfolio case, a catalog with texts and a 10 x 15 inch image (12 x 19 inch paper) of one of the prints, printed on Epson Somerset Velvet archival paper. The portfolio is currently available by subscription, at $987.00. Once published, the price will be $1100.00. Only 5 portfolios will be published, but the catalog will be available as a free download and for purchase as a printed book.

Individual prints on Epson Somerset Velvet are available at $55.00 each for the 8.5 x 11 inch paper size or $89.00 for the 12 x 19 inch paper size. These prints are available as an open edition. Only the prints in the portfolio are numbered and printed on the Moab Entrada Rag Bright paper.

Please use the contact form for inquiries about the Evidence portfolio.

New Edition of Deadpan, or the Holy Toast

Back in 1995 Paul Hertz produced a suite of images called Deadpan, or the Holy Toast. Working in consultation with Alma de la Serra, who lent her mathematical expertise, and using an early version Pixar’s Renderman 3D software, Hertz created texture maps from photographs of of 17 topologically distinct ways of biting a piece of toast. Outlines of islands notable for their colonial histories served as jam for the toast. Algorithmically remixed texts speckled the jam. The toast slices floated over rippled cloth backgrounds with spiral patterns based on the 17 planar symmetry groups. At the time, it was only possible to print at a small size, 8 x 9.5 inches, on Fujix photographic paper.

Since then, it has become possible to print at large sizes, in high resolution, on archival paper. Ignotus Editions is proud to announce a new limited edition of Deadpan. Printed at 16.2 x 14 inches on 22 x 17 inch Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper in a limited edition of 5 portfolios plus one artist’s proof portfolio, this new edition reveals the full detail and complexity of the images. One portfolio has been reserved as a museum edition, but the four remaining ones are available for purchase.

The master printer and Deadpan: Galapagos print

The four available portfolios are delivered in a case, interleaved, signed and numbered by the artist. Individual prints may be purchased in a slightly smaller size, 15 x 13 inches, on Somerset Velvet paper in a numbered on-demand edition limited to a final number of 13.

Please use the contact form for inquiries about the Deadpan series.

Sampling Patterns

Prints are available on request in the Sampling Patterns series, which can be viewed in Flickr in a selection of 55 images or the full set.

Prints are planned in three sizes: on 8.5 x 12 inch Moab Entrada Rag Bright archival paper, on 13 x 19 inch Epson Hot Press Natural Rag archival paper, and on 36 x 24 inch Somerset Velvet archival paper. The paper sizes correspond, roughly, to the level of detail in the images. We can print much larger, on request, since these images have their origin in vector graphics and are very high resolution.

Please use the contact form for inquiries about the Sampling Patterns series.

About On-Demand Editions

Unlike traditional print editions, an on-demand edition is printed as requests for purchase arrive. This is made possible by digital color workflow technology, that can guarantee the consistency of color no matter when an image is printed: All prints in the edition will be identical, as long as the same paper and ink are used on a calibrated system. In fact, even if the ink or printer are different, the prints should be practically identical in color as long as the color profile associated with the file itself is preserved and the color profile of the inkset and printer permit accurate reproduction. At Ignotus Editions we will use the same paper and we expect to use the same printer and inkset for all prints in any on-demand edition.

On-demand editions may be open or limited. If they are open, they are not numbered. If they are limited, they are numbered in the traditional way (i.e., print number/total number of prints), but the total number may never be reached. Ignotus Editions keeps records of on-demand limited editions. Eventually, we expect to maintain these online, so that collectors can easily discover if their limited edition prints are actually rarer than the total print number implies.