J.T. Pescador, "Ignotus"

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13 Ignodicta, animated GIF / edition of 13 ink jet prints, 4 x 6 in.

"...all metaphysical and poetic creations of mankind are but powerful and wonderful reactions of the impulse for self-preservation against the cramping, depressing feeling of human insufficiency."

William Worringer, Form in Gothic

"Cada necio / Confunde valor i precio"
(Every dolt / confuses value with price.")

Antonio Machado, Proverbios y Decires


The series of 13 dicta, which Sr. Hertz has printed as an edition for public consumption, reflect my reactions to the world of art. Like me they are probably out of date, but then I don't really make art. Why make art when you can make artists?

J.T. Pescador, "Ignotus," May 2000


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