Alma de la Serra


Photographer Alma de la Serra began her professional career as an artist by a felicitous accident. Trained as a mathematician, she spent many years introducing high school students to algebra, trigonometry and calculus. She did what she could to give her students a taste of chaos theory, combinatorics, and topology, by offering them mathematical games, puzzles and "magic," because these fields seemed to her more directly involved in describing the world than the subjects she was obliged to teach. While caring for her uncle, Juan Teodosio Pescador, a retired carnival mentalist and fortuneteller known as Ignotus the Mage, she found herself with time and a camera, and began taking pictures that she understood as "a way of talking about the world in its process of showing and hiding structure." She also met the artists Darrell Luce and Paul Hertz, with whom she began a collaboration that continues to this day, as IgnoStudio.

Ignotus Editions published Alma de la Serra's portfolio "Evidence" in 2011 as a limited edition boxed set of twenty-one small format prints. Please contact them for more information.