Glitch GIFs

Animated Algorithms

Here is a collection of very brief looping animations in GIF format. My aesthetic in all of these relates to flicker films of the 1960s and 1970s and to current glitch aesthetics. I'm interested in how the eye fixes on images that go by too fast to be seen with any ease, and in color phenomena where a shape can be the contradictory state of appearing to have two or more colors at once. The two geometric pieces, Fibonacci Animation I and II, were created as part of my Tree Jive series. The rest were created with GlitchSort. Fibonacci Animation I is just a short loop with a very brief freeze frame at the end. Fibonacci Animation II is considerably longer and plays with granularity and scale. After Tiziano is a frantic decomposition of a still image, a detail from a painting by Tiziano. Hippie Atom Test is the most "literary" of the works, an animation that plays on the same themes of broken cultural memory in the Glitch Nation still images. It was my contribution to an online group show, SPAMM Cupcake. Hypnotigus, as the title suggests, is intended to control your mind. It is also an experiment with pattern granularity. Perfect Camouflage plays with the [dis|re]appearance of an image. Talk in Code Vanity is my contribution to an online exhibition of "Vanities," and is a blown up detail of Talk in Code. This latter work plays off the abstract grids of early computer art, but muddies the genre with disguised semantic content—low resolution images from a "marriage manual," found in the great cultural junkyard of Teh Netz. Teargas again experiments with the appearance and disappearance of an image, and may make your eyes water.