Blue Noise

Random regular noise

The Blue Noise series is based on regular random distributions known as “blue noise.” Natural phenomena such as identically charged particles jostling for position within a limiting boundary or a flock of birds adjusting their mutual distances have similar distributions. Blue noise dot patterns have interesting visual and cognitive effects: Their regularity seems to imply an order just about to emerge, which their randomness negates. Works from the series are snapshots from interactive real time animations where geometric points from a blue noise distribution are used to sample functions that control color, scale, shape, and other visual attributes.

The images were generated by my own interactive application written in Processing—an early version can be found at Open Processing. Graphics were exported to Adobe Illustrator using my IgnoCodeLib Processing library, and rendered at very high resolution in Photoshop. More images can be found in my Flickr account, in the various "Sampling Patterns" sets.

Archival prints from the Blue Noise series, some in limited editions, are available at Ignotus Editions.