First presented at SIGGRAPH 99, Los Angeles, for the panel "Algorithmics and Patterns from Life" in the TechnOasis Gallery, this document describes the generative system used for my geometric tiling pattern compositions. It demonstrates how, by means of a topological transformation, the tiling patterns can be used for musical composition, and explains how they can be used as symbols to cue my performances as the dysfunctional fortuneteller Ignotus the Mage. It even explains how to eat your location in space. What more could you ask for?

Available as a PDF file or online, from the Table of Contents below.

  1. Frontispiece
  2. Construction of the Ignotiles
  3. Basic Shapes
  4. The Ignoquad or "12-point solution"
  5. Permutations of the Ignoquad
  6. The 32 Ignotiles
  7. The Ignosquares
  8. Merging Shapes in the Ignosquares
  9. Classifying Merged Shapes
  10. Large Compositions
  11. Inflating Patterns
  12. Back to Small Scale
  13. The Ignogame
  14. Telling the Present
  15. Fortunetelling Framework
  16. The Ignosigns, continued
  17. A Sample Reading
  18. Coloring the Ignotiles
  19. Coloring the Ignosquares
  20. Musical Parameters
  21. Topological Transformation from Map to Graph
  22. The Ignotones and Ignochords
  23. Pond I, 1997
  24. Why bother?
  25. Didn't you Mention Food?
  26. Hoping to See You Again