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4our X 4our

glitch portraits by four artists

curated by Paul Hertz

This online gallery is part of the White Page Gallery project.
4 images from 4our X 4our were exhibited in the studio windows at 5210 N. LeClaire in Chicago as part of Art-In-Place.

Domenico Dombarra

Glitch Portrait of Saul Williams Glitch Portrait of author Irvine Walsh
Self Portrait As the Joker Glitch Portrait of Maty Diba

Domenico Dombarra, is an Italian artist who works with digital media. His work has been widely published and exhibited, online and IRL. His White Page Gallery project is a distributed network for artistic sharing composed of artists, curators, academies, festivals and cultural operators who independently host on their website, without the aim of profit, art projects made and curated by others.

Sara Goodman

Self Portrait processed with AI software, dreamy colors Portrait, analog glitch image from a performance, captured from a video monitor
Portrait Of Joey, analog glitch image from a mulitmedia performance The Daywalker, analog glitch image captured from a video monitor

Sara Goodman is a poet and video artist interested in the way hardware, software, and interfaces influence us as humans. She likes setting up systems she can interface with that continually loop and deviate over time. She currently teaches high school students video art exploration, creative writing, and lit classes in Chicago.

Paul Hertz

Digital glitch triple self portrait of the artist Digital glitch portrait of Claude Shannon, groundbreaking engineer and mathematician
Digital glitch portrait of Sara Goodman Digital glitch double portrait of LoVid, Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus

Paul Hertz, the curator of 4our X 4our, has worked with algorthmic art for over forty years, with and without computers. Now a full time artist, he taught new media art history and studio courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University. He cultivates glitch, code sourcery, intermedia, virtual worlds and social interfaces.

Mark Klink

3D glitch geometric face, 8-bit grayscale image 3D glitch geometric head, 8-bit grayscale image
3D glitch geometric head, 8-bit grayscale image1 3D glitch geometric head, 8-bit grayscale image

Mark Klink, has been and done many things: Swept floors, worked in a factory, been an athlete, a minor government official, a life guard, a computer programmer, and a traditional print maker. For twenty years he taught children and other educators how to use computers. But the thing he likes best (beside family) is making curious pictures.